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    RECRUITMENTANNOUCEMENTAl-Waha Company is seeking to recruitSecurity Assistant into the HSSE Department. Applicants should meet the followingcriteria:  Fluency inspeaking and...

  • Construction of EXL4 pipeline project for Iraq AHDEB was accomplished successf

    Evolved as an important part of oil transportation system for Ahdeb Oil Field, the EXL4 pipeline project was oriented towards transportation of oil from Nassiriyah Depot to Tuba Depot and

  • Ahdeb Oil Field began pumping oil

    Twenty (20) days from the date of first oil production, Ahdeb Oil Field began pumping oil from CPF to Tuba Depot on July 10th, 2011, a second milestone paved for developing Ahdeb Oil Field...

  • First Oil Production for building up phase-one production capacity of 60,000 B

    Thousands of Chinese people together with their local partners who have been working hardly for nearly one and half years are experiencing unprecedented and boundless "happiness"...

  • Opening ceremony of 3D seismic operation

    On March 11th, 2009, 3D seismic data acquisition kicked off at Ahdeb Oil Field, marking the fulfillment of obligations committed by Chinese Part and the start of rebuilding the prosperity ...

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