Main Contractors

Daqing Drilling Engineering Company

"Daqing drilling" is the main brand of Daqing Drilling Engineering Company, covering, petroleum geological prospecting, drilling, well logging, logging, cementing, workover and construction operations. Daqing Drilling Engineering Company has 18 seismic crews, 231 well-drilling crews, 94 well-logging crews, 149 logging crews and 20 cementing car units. In China it mainly works in the following areas, Daqing, Jilin, Xinjiang, Jidong oilfields etc, in foreign countries it is mainly located in Venezuela, Indonesia, Sudan, Iraq and several other countries.

China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation

China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (abbreviated to CPECC) is affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and is a CNPC professional company specializing in oil engineering, manufacturing, construction and lump-sum contracting. It is now the most representative company of CNPC in domestic and international petroleum project construction.

China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau

China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (abbreviated as CPP), founded in 1973, is a professional company of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) specializing in pipeline engineering and installation.CPP holds the philosophy of "Unlimited Innovation and Contribution" and pursues the core values of "Challenge, Fine Management, Innovation, Teamwork, Harmony". CPP is dedicated to be China's No. 1 and a world-class international general contractor for pipeline construction, providing service and guarantee for China's oil & gas strategy channel and for CNPC's goal as a comprehensive international energy company, while creating wealth and value for owners, employees and society.

The EXL4 pipeline project of Iraq AHDEB which undertaked by Piping department of CNPC begin from Nasiriyha Depot, ended in Tuba, total length is about 200 meters, design pressure is 8.0MPA.

In the Al-Waha the correct leadership and orderly organization, EXL4 line on March 6, 2011 ignition open welding,and on May 28, 2011 to complete 200 kilometers of the main welding tasks. On July 19, 2011 ushered in the first external input AHDEB crude oil, July 23, 2011 mechanical completion.

Oil Well Logging Technology Service Co., Ltd. (CNLC)

Oil Well Logging Technology Service Co., Ltd. (CNLC) —a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation Great Wall Drilling Company, is the specialized corporation of CNPC in the international oil market engaged in logging, well-logging, testing, perforating, directional drilling, drilling logging and related data processing, data interpretation and other wellbore technical services. National distribution operations in North Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the CIS and other countries and regions, overseas measuring, recording, test team reached 183, becoming the largest, strongest in the international logging technology services company in the international oil shaft technology services market to enjoy a good reputation.

April 2009, CNLC into the oasis fields be one of many teams of project of oasis building. From project start to now, Oasis Exploration and Development department spends a lot of effort and work on staffs, equipment relocation, job security and efficiency, quality improving and information checking. The oasis's unique build mechanisms offer excellent working and living environment to B units who participate in the construction that make us feel the warmth of home, so we can go all out into the oasis of production. Carried forward, CNLC will increase its efforts on exploration and development in AHDEB oil field.

Anton Oil Field Service (group) Ltd.Co

Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd.(Antonoil) is a public company listed on the HKEx. They were founded in 1999, and are headquartered in Beijing. Antonoil is comprised of four principal business divisions: Drilling Services, Completions, Downhole intervention, Downhole Tools and OCTG. Our patented technologies and proprietary products of downhole tools, chemical materials and service equipment combined with job design provides us the ability to act as a one-stop service center for oil and gas Upstream Industry.

In 2009, Antonoil began to service for AHDEB oilfield, including well completion, directional well and coiled tubing services. By now, we have successfully completed oil well completion services over 70 wells, 4 directional wells and coiled tubing acidizing for 38 wells in AHDEB oilfield.

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