Construction of EXL4 pipeline project for Iraq AHDEB was accomplished successf
[ 2011-09-21 ]

Evolved as an important part of oil transportation system for Ahdeb Oil Field, the EXL4 pipeline project was oriented towards transportation of oil from Nassiriyah Depot to Tuba Depot and further to export, covering a total length of 200 km with the design pressure of 8.0MPA and design max output 500,000 barrels per day.

Infrastructure facilities constructed along the 36" pipeline included 1 head and end station, 6 valve chambers in-line, 1 solar power system, 2 cathodic protection systems.

Launched on March 6th, 2011, and welding work for EXL4 pipeline completed on May 28th, and mechanical completion accomplished on July 23rd, a series of remarkable achievements (36") showed an extraordinary performance of Chinese workers and outstanding management level of Al Waha Company.

Construction of the EXL4 pipeline project secured the outlet of Ahdeb oil on the one hand, and will see the rapid development of heavy oil resources in Mid-South area of Iraq on the other hand.