First Announcement for Provision of Supplying Sodium Hydroxide Powder (NaOH) 8
[ 2018-01-12 ]

First Announcement for Provisionof Supplying Sodium Hydroxide Powder (NaOH) 800 Tons for Al-Waha Camp  

Project number:  007-PC-18


As needed for the AHDEB Oil FieldProject of AL-Waha Petroleum Co., Ltd. in Iraq, we plan to draft a bidinvitation for007-PC-18for Provisionof Supplying Sodium Hydroxide Powder (NaOH) 800 Tons for Al-Waha Camp recently, We announce and welcome the specialist companies whointerest to attend the pre-bid meeting that will be held in Ahdeb oil field inAhrar town /Kut city at 09:30am on 23 Jan 2018 .The representatives should bring with them the identity of thecompany or the official authorization for the company to join and get answer questionsand record the company's name. Contractors shall carry out the progressaccording to bidding administrative provisions of AL-Waha Petroleum Co., Ltd.

(Eachbidder have to pay 100 $ in the same date of pre bid meeting as a tender costaccording to Iraqi Law).

Bidders shouldprovide relevant documents according to the following requirements: 

1. Technical offer and generalintroduction of the bidder (on the submitting offers date, not for the pre-bidmeeting date):

¨          Copy of ID.

¨         Copy of Company registration documents.

¨         Tax clearance( new one ).

¨        Experience and other approved contracts of such kindof documents.

(Copy of contracts in English & Arabic language).

¨         Provide CV for the company mentioningthe ability of the company, stuff, (English & Arabic).

2. Commercial offer (on the submitting offers date, not for the pre-bid meetingdate)

  • Contractor should mention     the unit and total price by USD.

  • Provide bid bond 1% of     the total amount( separate enveloped ).

  • All tender should submit     their offers ( technical, commercial and      bid bond) in three separate enveloped.

  • The winner Company should     provide performance bond 5% of the total amount for final warranty.

  • The winner Company shall     pay the announcement fees.

  • The deadline date will be     mention in the ITB documents that will be submit by Al Waha Company.

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