Prequalification Announcement for Tender No: 005/PC/18
[ 2018-01-13 ]

                            Prequalification AnnouncementforTender No: 005/PC/18

Provision ofSupplyingSpare Parts for Pipelines Repairs of FSF/OGM


Tender by:AL-WAHAPetroleumCompany Limited, acompany as the Contractor and Operator cooperating with Midland Oil Company, Ministry of Oil, Iraq for theexecution of Development and Production Service Contract (SDPC) re-signed onNovember 10th, 2008. At present, oilfield exploration anddevelopment, production and surface engineering construction are carried out inIraq.


TenderTitle: Provision of Supplying Spare Parts for Pipelines Repairs of FSF/OGM



Tender No.: 005/PC/18

Tender Information:

u  Score of Work: a lot (54 items, see Attachment )


Part1: Participants should provide relevant pre-qualificationdocuments according to the following requirements: 

1.  General introduction of the participants (including Manufacturer)

u  Company Profile (including relevant information on size ofbusiness, company introduction, technologicalcapacity, scope of business and quality assurance capability etc.) and qualification certificate

2.      Professionalqualification documents of the participants(including manufacturer)

u  Supporting documents on domestic or international authenticatedprofessional qualifications

3.  Introduction to the production capacity of the manufacturer (main products, production technology and

Productionfacility capacity)

4.       Historical performance ofsales of relevant products both at home and abroad in recent 5 years

5.       Audit reports andfinancial statements audited by a third party professional audit agency inrecent three years and Bank Credit Certificate (in English)

6.       Other materials should be supplemented if needed, all document shall be in English.

Part 2: Prequalification document submittedtime and address:

uAllprequalification documents should be submitted before AM 10:00 Jan 25th, email to   

uWelcomeany bidder who is interesting for this project to send Letter of Intent  AM 10:00Jan 20th, email to   

u The winner of the tender should paythe announcement fees.


005-PC-18 Attachment FSF OGM Piping repair materials.pdf