2ndAnnouncement for Provision of EPCC for WS1 Water Intake Platform and
[ 2018-02-06 ]

2ndAnnouncement for Provision of EPCC for WS1 Water Intake Platform and PipelineExpansion Project

Tender No. 064-SC-2017

Tender Type \ Public Tender throughTechnical Prequalification

WAPEC would like to announceitsbidding above named, whatever anycompany has the ability & experience can joinpre-bid meeting that will be held on 11th February 2018 in Ahdeb Oil Field Site, Base Camp at 9:30am. Only the companies who have Construction\Electricalclassification and rich experience in this filed can attend the pre bidmeeting.

Each bidder have to pay 100 $ in the same date of pre bid meeting asa tender cost according to Iraqi Law.

Bidders should submit following proposals:

Technical Proposal Contains Following:

  • Submit copy of all registration documents belonging for the Company and Color copy ofthe Valid ID, bidders commits to provide all original documents beforereceiving our Letter ofAward

    Note: Company name in proposals must match up withregistration documents; otherwisecompany offer will be considered illegal

  • Submitthe valid tax clearance for 2017.

  • Mentionthe project duration, in work progressing schedule.

  • Technicalinformation regarding the required substation which should be in Englishlanguage with design and equipment list for the required materials included inthe project, specification for the used equipment with catalogues and CD.

  • Copyof previous contracts & previous experience approved by the end user


    Commercial Proposals Contains Following:

  • Unit& total price for each item and serviceinvolved in project

  • Quotation on US Dollar only. Numberand Written

    Bank Guarantee

    Contractorcommits to provide following

  • 1%of the grand total amount, otherwise the bid would be invalid and out ofcompetition,

  • 5% of the total amount as performanceguarantee after getting Letter of Award and before signing up the contract.

  • 5% bid bond from the totalcontract amount as a quality guarantee for 5 years after deliver theproject

  • All the other requiredcommercial details will mention in the ITB Documents.

    Technical proposals, commercialproposals & bid bond 1 % should be separated,sealed and stamped with company stamp.

    For all information please contact: alatabi@petroalwaha.com

                 CC to: wangshaoyu@petroalwaha.com

The winner company shall pay the announcement fees.