AnnouncementsforTender No:015/SC/18 Provision of Maintenance Service for Pro
[ 2018-02-08 ]

AnnouncementsforTender No:015/SC/18

Provision of Maintenance Service for Production Facilities in AdhebOilfiled

Tender by:AL-WAHAPetroleumCompany Limited, acompany as the Contractor and Operator cooperating with Midland Oil Company, Ministry of Oil, Iraq for theexecution of Development and Production Service Contract (SDPC) re-signed onNovember 10th, 2008. At present, oilfield exploration anddevelopment, production and surface engineering construction are carried out inIraq.

TenderTitle: Provision of Maintenance Service for Production Facilities in AdhebOilfiled

Tender No.:015/SC/18

Tender Information:

Scope of Work:

ALWAHA will choose a qualified and specialized Contractor to providemaintenance service for all kinds of Production Facilities in Adheb oilfieldand make the existing facilities including WS2 (which is about 48 km from theCPF equipped with quantities of vessels, pumps & generators.)in good conditions for efficient and safe and in accordance with good oilfieldproduction practice.

The number of positions forInternational employees: 39.

Contract duration: 1 firm + 1optional year.


Part1: Participants should provide relevant pre-qualificationdocuments according to the following requirements: 

  1. General introductionof theparticipants(including Manufacturerif applicable)

  • CompanyProfile (including relevant information on size of business, company introduction, technological capacity, scope of business andquality assurance capability etc.) and Qualificationcertificate ---required

    Note: Agent is not acceptable in this bidding.

  1. Professionalqualification documents of the participants(including manufacturerif applicable)

    • Supportingdocuments on domestic or international authenticated professional qualifications–required

  2. Audit reports and financial statements audited bya third party professional audit agency in recent three years and Bank credit certificates --- required.

  3. HSE management system and HSE performance in recentyears.

  4. Repairing andmaintenance workshop and facilities for Participants’ major equipment.

  5. Participants’ organization chartof management.

  6. Othermaterials should be supplemented if needed.

  7. The winner ofthe tender should pay all announcing fee.

  8. During thebidding, the rate of bid bond is 1%-3% of bid value.

Part 2: Prequalification document submittedtime and address:


  • All prequalification documentsshould be submitted before 16:00 on Feb 21th  2018 byhand or by express

  • Prequalificationdocument submission format:




Note:  1) All participants shall submit one (1) original and one (1) copies of each package in separateenvelopesmarked Tender Name and Tender No.

           2) Tender type Limited tender .Accordingto Clause no. 2 ’ The limited tender’, Article 3 under Chapter Three’ Methodsof Contracting’ of Regulation No.1 of 2014’ Governmental Contracts Execution’.


  • Prequalificationdocument submission address:

Iraq: AHDEBOILFIELD, TOWN AL KUT, WASSIT PROVINCE, IRAQ. (by hand )  if by express delivery contact the emailbelow please.

             E-Mail:  00964-07700146588   & 0086-10-6209-8057