1st Announcements \ Public Tender through technical qualification for Provisio
[ 2018-05-09 ]

1st Announcements \ Public Tender through technical qualification forProvisionof Supplying IT Equipment and Accessories

 Tender No: 027-PC-18

Tender by: AL-WAHA PetroleumCompany Limited, a company asthe Contractor and Operator cooperating with Midland Oil Company, Ministry of Oil, Iraq for theexecution of Development and Production Service Contract (SDPC) re-signed onNovember 10th, 2008. At present, oilfield exploration anddevelopment, production and surface engineering construction are carried out inIraq.


Tender Title: Provisionof Supplying IT Equipment and Accessories

Tender No.: 027-PC-18


Score of Work:

a.Purchase items from the framework agreement .

b.Company issues purchase order based on requirements plan and this agreement,contractor supplies materials at price stipulated in agreement. purchase orderwill be signed by both parties.

c.The prices of all goods, products and materials should not be affected byquantity, amount of orders, delivery time and fluctuations in prices duringeffective period of contract.

d.Contractor should supplies qualified products, company refuses to accept anyflawed product.

e.One year free-to-change warranty and all equipment shall be provided withstandard original-factory quality assurance;

f.Under the purchase order for each delivery shall not be more than eight weeks.

g.Total USD Amount includes all costs on product to be delivered to AHDEB OILFIELD SITE/WAREHOUSE.

h.This agreement takes effect after being signed by both parties and last for oneyears.

i.The actual procurement quantities  willfluctuate according to demand.


1.      Al-WahaCompany shall not be obligated to accept the lowest.

2.      During thebidding, the rate of bid bond is 1% - 3%  of bid value.

  1. 3.       If the Tenders are willing to participate in thisproject.  Please submit Letter ofintent (including project Number, Project name, Bidder’s full name, contractperson, phone number and email address) before close dated May 13th, 2018 toemail: alatabi@petroalwaha.comand wuchenshen@petroalwaha.com or  Room 205, C&P DEPARTMENT, AHDEB OILFIELD,AHRAR TOWN, AL KUT CITY, WASSIT PROVINCE, IRAQ, or WAPECwill consider it invalid and Unqualified.

  2. 4.       Based on the letter of intent from thetenders, WAPEC will provide two methods to Tenders to pay tender Fee $100 within three working days

FirstMethod: The Tenders may submit the fullamount Tender Fee $100 to financial department of WAPEC, detailed address:ROOM 309 OF FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT, AHDEB OILFIELD, AHRAR TOWN, AL KUTCITY, WASSIT PROVINCE, IRAQ


Second Method:TheTenders should pay full amount Tender $100  to appointed bank account from WAPEC.

Onlyif WAPEC receive the receipt of Tender Fee from the tendersand approve it OKbefore deadline, WAPEC will issue the ITB document to qualified Tenders, TheTenders will submit the offers according the requirements of ITB documents.

5.The ITB Documents shall be send to the bidders after finish the relatedprocedure, and approve the bidders names.

6. The winner of the tender shouldpay all announcing fee.