2nd Announcements for public tender through technical qualificationofProvision
[ 2018-06-13 ]

2nd Announcements for public tender through technical qualificationofProvision of Environment Management System Service in Ahdeb Oilfiled

Tender No: 026/SC/18

 Tender by:AL-WAHAPetroleumCompany Limited, acompany as the Contractor and Operator cooperating with Midland Oil Company, Ministry of Oil, Iraq for theexecution of Development and Production Service Contract (SDPC) re-signed onNovember 10th, 2008. At present, oilfield exploration anddevelopment, production and surface engineering construction are carried out inIraq.

Tender Title: Provision of Environment Management SystemService in Ahdeb Oil filed

Tender No.: 026/SC/18

Tender Information:

  1. Scope of Work:

 Company is developing itsenvironmental management system and wishes to achieve accredited certificationto ISO14001:2015 before the end of 2019 and retain certification thereafter. Tohelp achieve the above objective, Contractor should provide the followingservices below:

  • Gap analysis andreport

  • Stage 1assessment and report

  • Stage 2assessment, report and certificate of ISO14001:2015

  • Surveillanceassessment 1 and report

  • Surveillanceassessment 2 and report

  • Lead auditorcertificate for up to 15 persons,three times in all and oncea year from 2018 to 2020 as instructed by WAPEC

  1. Thewinner of the tender should pay all announcing fee.

  2. During the bidding, the rate ofbid bond is 1%-3% of bid value.

  3. Ifthe Tenders are willing to participate in this project.  Please submit Letter of intent (includingproject Number, Project name, Bidder’s full name, contract person, phone numberand email address) before close dated July12, 2018 to email: wujie@petroalwaha.comor  Room 209,C&PDEPARTMENT, AHDEB OILFIELD, AHRAR TOWN, AL KUT CITY, WASSIT PROVINCE, IRAQ,or WAPEC will consider it invalid and unqualified.

  4. Basedon the letter of intent from the tenders, WAPEC will provide two methods toTenders to pay tender Fee $100.00 within three working days.

FirstMethod: The Tenders may submit the TenderFee $100.00 to financial department of WAPEC, detailed address: ROOM 309 OF FINANCIALDEPARTMENT, AHDEB OILFIELD, AHRAR TOWN, AL KUT CITY, WASSIT PROVINCE, IRAQ


Second Method: TheTenders should pay Tender $100.00 to appointed bank account from WAPEC.

Onlyif WAPEC receive the receipt of Tender Fee from the tenders and approve it OKbefore deadline, WAPEC will issue the ITB document to qualified Tenders, TheTenders will submit the offers according the requirements of ITB documents.