The Extension Announcementfor ?2n?d ?Round Tender No: 079/SC/18 Provision of C
[ 2019-03-21 ]

The Extension Announcementfor 2nd Round Tender No: 079/SC/18

Provision of Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen Lift Service

Tender Type: Public TenderThrough Technical Qualified

Tender by:AL-WAHAPetroleumCompany Limited, acompany as the Contractor and Operator cooperating with Midland Oil Company, Ministry of Oil, Iraq for theexecution of Development and Production Service Contract (SDPC) re-signed onNovember 10th, 2008. At present, oilfield exploration anddevelopment, production and surface engineering construction are carried out inIraq.

TenderTitle: Provision of Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen Lift Service

Tender No.: 079/SC/18

Tender Information:

  1. Theextension notice: The bid closing date of the tender 079/SC/18 (2ndround) shall be extended to 4:00 PM on April 15, 2019 from 4:00 PM on March 31,2019.

  2. Scope of Work:

    Toseek a supplier to provide Coil Tubing Units and Nitrogen service which hasqualified certificate and capacity that can carry out the total project for onefirm year plus one optional (1+1) year. Provision of Coiled tubing and Nitrogenservice shall be consisting of:

  • Coiled tubingacidizing

  • Coiled tubing acidwashing

  • Coiled tubing wellwashing

  • Coiled tubing asphaltremoval, scrape with tool

  • Coiled tubing welltesting (provide coiled tubing equipment and special connector)

  • Coiled tubing milling(mill out cement plug, bridge plug)

  • Coiled tubing watershut off operating

  • Coiled tubing profilecontrol

  • Coiled tubing nitrogenlifting

  • Nitrogen lift withoutcoiled tubing

  • Any other services maybe required by Company

  1. The winner of the tender should pay all announcing fee.

  2. The rate of bid bond shall not be less than 1% of Bidder’s commercialproposal.

  3. If the bidder is willing to participate in this project, please submitUSD100 to purchase ITB documents before 4:00 PM on April 15, 2019.

  4. All bidders should submit their technical proposal, commercial proposaland bid bond which sealed separately before 4:00 PM onApril 15, 2019.

  5. If any questions, please contact Ms. Haneen by  email:;;;  Phone: +964 0771 762 8942