1st Announcement for Tender No. 137-PO-19
[ 2019-12-01 ]

1st Announcement for Provision of Supplying Radiator coolant and Desiccant.

Tender Type: Public Tender through Technical Qualification

 Tender No: 137-PO-19



137-PO-19 Announcements.doc


AL-WAHA Petroleum Company Limited would like to announce for Provision of Supplying Radiator coolant and Desiccant, the companies or offices who have enough ability and experience who want to participate in this tender that mentioned above, please submit your proposals on 11th December 2019 from 08:30 - 11:30 AM Baghdad Time in Ahdeb Oil

Field Site \ Main gate, Al-Waha Base Camp.

Bidders should submit the following documents in the proposal submission date:

 Technical Proposal should Contain Following:

1. Submit color copy of all registration documents belonging for the Company.  

2. Submit color copy of the Valid ID (Ministry of Planning ID or Chamber of Commerce ID), 

3. Submit valid Non-Prevention issued from GCT until the end of 2018.

4. International companies should submit the copy of all registration documents belonging for the Company from their country.

Note: 1- If the bidder didn’t provide the documents that mentioned above or submitted invalid documents,

AL-Waha shall have the right to take an action according the valid Instructions and Regulations.

Note: 2- Company name in the proposals must match up with registration documents

5. The winner company shall provide the original documents before award the project.

6. Submit copy of previous similar work & experience approved by the end user.

7. The bidder should mention the delivery duration of the required materials.

8. Technical proposal should be in English language. (With one digital disc for the technical offer that can be read and compile).

9. The supplier should provide Scope of Supply (SOS) includes (materials, details, origin).

10. Contract duration will be 3 years and delivery will be according the user department work order.

11. The bidders should bring a complete technical offer and a detailed explanation of the required materials in the form of catalogs and pictures, and must comply with the specifications mentioned in the table below (attached quantities table). If there are no technical details in the offer, the proposal will be considered technically unqualified.

Commercial Proposals Contains Following:

1. Total Price for materials including purchasing and the delivery to the warehouse of AHDEB Oilfield.

2. Quotation on US Dollar only. Number and Written

3. Commercial proposal. (With one digital disc for the Commercial offer that can be read and compile).

Terms and Conditions:

1. Technical, commercial offers, should be submitted in two separated sealed and stamped envelopes, inside one big envelope sealed and stamped, and shall be submitted strictly. The project name and tender number should be clearly on the envelope.

2. The bidders shall submit the Proposals in English language to AL -WAHA Kut camp.

Note: If the Contractor with the lowest price quit this bidding or fail to finish the work according to the contract, he is compulsory to pay the difference amount between his price and Al-Waha actual price. Otherwise the company will be inserted into Al-Waha Company black list.

3. The tax will be deducted from the total amount according to the Iraqi taxation law

4. Al-Waha Company would not be obliged to accept the lowest offer.

The participant Companies should submit CD contain the company's information, in separate envelope deliver to MdOC employee, without it, the company's offer will not be received.

For any required details please contact with the following Emails:

ahmed.nahedh@petroalwaha.com  CC to: youhao@petroalwaha.com  / yusiping@petroalwaha.com