Extension for 1st Tender No:038/PO/20
[ 2020-08-09 ]

Note:  Extension of Provision of Supplying Labour Protection Appliance (1st Announcement)



Extension for 1st Tender No: 038/PO/20



Referring to our announcement no. 038-PO-2020 which announced on 27/07/2020 in the main gate and our website, we would like to extended the closing date from (10-08-2020 until 17/08/2020),

the companies or offices who have enough ability and experience who want to participate in this tender that mentioned above, and to get the tender please send email to the emails address mentioned below with your intention to participate in this tender which should include (Company or office name, tender number and name).


 website: www.petroalwaha.com or contact Mr. Osama Nejim by emails as below;

osama@petroalwaha.com / yusiping@petroalwaha.com & youhao@petroalwaha.com