Al-Waha Petroleum Co. Ltd is the equivalence holding company which is established by China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Corporation and China ZhenHuaOil Co.Ltd together.

China Petroleum overseas oil exploration and development company is the professional branch company of Petrochina company limited. It mainly engages in the central management of China overseas oil and gas exploration and development of oil、petrochemistry、pipeline construction and operating business. By the end of 2009, it has participated the running and management of 81 oil and gas cooperation projects in 29 countries and initially build five overseas oil and gas cooperation zone of Africa、Central Asia、 South America、Middle East and Asia-Pacific. It has basically established the complete oil value chain of integration of upstream and downstream of exploration and development、pipeline transportation、petrochemical and sales。The company overseas oil production capacity reaches 75 million tons a year,natural gas production capacity reaches nearly 10 billion cubic meters a year,refining capacity reaches nearly 12 million tons a year,main oil and gas pipeline has 7000 kilometers and Oil and gas transmission capacity reaches nearly 60 million tons a year.

China ZhenHuaOil Co.Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiaries of China North Industries Corporation. It is mainly engaged in oil industry investment、overseas oil and gas exploration and development、international oil trade、petrochemical industry and so on. By the end of 2009, the company has got 4 overseas oil and gas projects and the annual production reaches 1 million tons, annual trade volume of raw petroleum and refined oil reaches 3.5 million tons. By holding the petrochemical cooperation through Parent company, it has owned the yearly production capacity of ethene of 180 thousand tons , polyolefin of 260 thousand tons, asphalt of 1million tons and fertilizer of 1.2million tons

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